West Chop Sunset Martha’s Vineyard


West Chop is a tranquil residential area located on Martha’s Vineyard in the town of Tisbury, Massachusetts. This serene peninsula is bordered by Vineyard Sound and Vineyard Haven Harbor, offering picturesque surroundings.

The area is noted for its historic lighthouse, the West Chop Light, which marks the northern boundary. Historically, West Chop was a vibrant summer resort destination in the late 19th century, attracting numerous distinguished visitors and residents, including prominent figures in engineering, academia, and the arts. The region once boasted a variety of recreational amenities, including hotels, a steamboat wharf, and sports facilities, though today it is much quieter, primarily serving as a residential area with limited commercial activity.

Despite its evolution over the years, West Chop retains a sense of exclusivity and charm, with private clubs and recreational spots that continue to serve its community. The area’s rich history and beautiful landscape make it a unique part of Martha’s Vineyard, reflecting a blend of its past allure and present-day tranquility.

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