Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary, West Tisbury

As we guide you through the winding trails of Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary, witness the vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna that thrives within...

Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard, 02568

Vineyard Haven is the main port of entry to the island of Martha’s Vineyard and a bustling community of travelers and locals alike. The Steamship Authority Ferry docks in Vineyard Haven 365 days a year, weather permitting, and is how most people arrive on the island. But the first people to arrive were the Wampanoag people, who called this area “Nobnocket”, which was later referred to by the colonial settlers as “Holmes Hole”.


Visitors to Vineyard Haven will find a diverse community, home to some of the best retail shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in New England. Once you dock in Vineyard Haven Harbor, you’ll be able to quickly explore downtown Vineyard Haven by walking down Main Street, which is sprinkled with locally-owned shops. You’ll discover unique clothing shops, vintage stores, as well as everything in between. Shopping locally is the best way you can support a community. 


The vast array of restaurants in Vineyard Haven can all be found within their downtown area as well as in the Tisbury Marketplace, and sprinkled around as well. This town has something delicious to offer everyone in your group, from casual fish markets to fine dining restaurants, you’ll love every bite of food you have in Vineyard Haven. Plus, it’s also home to some tasty ice cream, sweets, and much more! 


Looking to make it an overnight trip to the island and wanting to stay in Vineyard Haven? That’s a great idea, plus this town has dozens of unique, boutique inns that are perfect for the short-term traveler looking for a place to rest their head. Places like The Nobnocket, Charles & Charles, and the Crocker Inn are great for these special stays, plus the Mansion House Inn is a fantastic family friendly option!


While visiting the town of Vineyard Haven, there are some many incredible things to do, and we have listed our top things to do in Vineyard Haven below:


  1. Visit the Martha’s Vineyard Museum
  2. Explore the local art galleries
  3. Watch a movie at the Capawock Theater 
  4. Walk to the West Chop Lighthouse
  5. Bike from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs 


If you’re more into spending time on the beach, Vineyard Haven has some amazing beaches. Owen Park Beach is fabulous for families, as it sits on the harbor and even has a small playground area with swings for the kiddos. Similar is the Tisbury Town Beach, very calm and easy for families. Looking for something more secluded, Lake Tashmoo Town Beach is a great bumpy ride to explore and discover. 


Because it is a bustling community town, there are parts of Vineyard Haven that you will see are part of “everyday life” from the local post offices and grocery stores, to the eclectic second hand stores that are sprinkled in between. What makes Vineyard Haven the town it is, is the diversity not only in offerings for the travelers, but the diversity within the business community. Support Brazilian-owned, Black-owned, and female-owned businesses in the same five steps around town, and you’ll realize why so many people call Vineyard Haven home. 

Funded, in part, by the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism.



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