Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary , Martha’s Vineyard [4K]


Explore Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary, located in West Tisbury. Here’s how to get there: From State Road, follow Indian Hill Road for 1.75 miles. Turn right onto Obed Daggett Road (near the hilltop) and follow the “Sanctuary” signs. Take Obed Daggett Road 1 mile to its terminus at the Daggett Trailhead and parking area. To get to the Taylor Gate Trailhead, follow Indian Hill Road for 2 miles to the end of Norton Circle. The Taylor Gate parking area is directly ahead. To get to the Irving Trailhead, go 1.7 miles down Indian Hill Road and the trailhead is on your right just before Obed Daggett Road.

Location: Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary , West Tisbury,  Martha’s Vineyard , Massachusetts, USA


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